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WGK has been providing Construction Consulting services since 1984.  WGK is a Veteran Owned Small Business.
WGK specializes in Construction Delay and Acceleration claims preparation & analysis. WGK is proficient in the creation and use of CPM scheduling on construction projects, and the implementation of these schedules as a construction claims analysis tool. WGK has hands-on experience with Government and private projects both as schedulers and claims analysts. WGK is approved by the C.O.E. & V.A.  WGK has been engaged as an expert & developed construction claims for Government agencies, corporate owners, provate owners, contractors, sub-contractors, sureties, engineers, architects and attorneys.

WGK is experienced in depositions, trials, arbitrations, mediations and negotiations. WGK has assisted in litigation preparation, development of questions for depositions and answers to interrogatories. WGK is experienced in the preparation of court ready graphics and exhibits.

WGK has construction claims experience on all types of construction projects. Geographically, WGK has both National and International claims & scheduling experience. 




















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