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WGK has been providing CPM Scheduling Services since 1984.  WGK is a Veteran Owned Small Business.
WGK is experienced in the development of initial CPM schedule logic from the contract plans, specifications and specific information provided by our client. WGK utilizes the latest CPM scheduling software Primavera.

WGK offers professional expertise in the implementation, planning, construction budgeting and, assistance in efficient project management and sound project planning.

WGK provides Project Scheduling & Management Support Services:


     * Pre-Bid Schedules
     * Preliminary Project Time Analysis
     * Project Master Schedules


     * Monitoring of Project Progress
     * Period by Period Budget Analysis & Reporting
     * Project Change Order Analysis & Impacts to Project
     * Claim Avoidance Procedures


     * Change Order Time Analysis
     * Project Time Impact Analysis
     * Project Damages Analysis
     * Dispute Resolution Support
















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